Spread at the horizon*

Spread at the horizon *

Spread at the horizon
When the day with his dusky maid meets,
At that rendezvous , when they come together
To each other greet,
I think so much of her,
My ethereal Lover,
Her songs I think I hear,
Carried to me by the cool moist air,
I think of her face , her eyes, her voice,
And that mere thinking with so much of joys
Fill me from top to toe,
Spread at the horizon so colorful ,
I then perhaps with reverence bow
Before that sense which brings me every day
At this time of the day, to find her beauty and aura and Grace,
To look at how the day invariably comes
To meet his dusky maid,
Just before evening arrives,
Just before the sky gets another dress,
Just before little Celestial flowers bloom across
The big vastness of the limitless space. (*Note: loosely based upon a painting as attached done by Karla Nolan)


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