reunion at Nice...

She was working on the machine
tallying the day's earnings...
while the crimson spoilers fell
on the ocean...the bay of Nice...
Waves were roaring hard before kissing
the rocks...a shining turf with bubbles missing
the count burst into the air of spring
and she heard the ring of the door of the shop
someone had come to rent a scooter or to drop
one taken at early hours of the day...
without looking back...she stayed
put to her machine...and the book
of coins earned and coins spent
just then she heard...
'is the shop still open?
can I rent a scooter now?'
The voice sounded too familiar somehow
to she turned
and with a frown of surprise
She found him in white flannels with a smile
cutting the ice...
she put her palm on her mouth
she kept looking at him with stupefied doubt
then she thought to play around
'Got an ID?'
She asked him with suppressed fun
The strokes of crimson sun were
on her face and also on his...
'I think I haven't...but wait...'
Saying this...
He brought out a picture...of he and she...straight...
Two heads and faces placed side by side...
One leaning on another picture of a kind...
'will this do?'
He asked back elongating the fun...
but that was too much for her
she did just make a short but fast run
to embrace him after four years with might
for four years they lived without each other's sight...


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