last night...

Last night when you left
Your shame
And near me came
To wrap me under your folds...
Believe me dear, I felt experiencing the Time Warp;

Last night when you chose
Your secrets to be shared
With me lying bared...
To take me to the Colorado...
Believe me, dear, I felt like a twig on your river;

Last night when you touched
My heart with your heart
Kissing me apart
To take me to Hell...
Believe me, dear, I was truly unveiled;

Last night when you gave
Me the deepest thought
Akin to some desperate, thirsty drought...
To make me a desert
Believe me, dear, I felt like a lone castaway;

Last night was the night
For you to meet me
Like a flower meets the bee...
To help the generation to prosper
With newer pollens and nectar..

Last night you made me
A river and a bee...
A flower and a desert
A volcano and a wizard...

Last night...
You did
Whatever you could
To make me wild
To make me soothed;


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