An empty empty world

Sitting by the side of the flowing stream,
Reddened by the last rites of the Sun,
He was reminded of the emptiness all around...

Empty boats anchored to the bay,
Empty trees standing like phantasms with branches set across like frail fingers of the starved,
Empty land with no sign of human habitation...
An empty broken pot lying desolate...

He looked up to perceive the sky,
Cloudless and bereft of stars,
Spread like a low canopy of darkness,
And he heaved a sigh,
For within him he was ground by the void,
Within him there was a black basalt stone pressing hard,
As if it would lead him to asphyxia...

He felt the unnerving void engulfing him from all directions,
A 'void' of being loved till death by someone,
An emptiness filling up him from within,
In an empty, empty world...


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