The Bus ride

Finally it came,
The last bus of the night,
For me,
Like a monster- one eyed,
Ugly dents all over his body,
Bearing marks of his careless sloppy movement,
And the radiator grill with broken teeth on display...

The monster stopped
Customarily where I was standing...
And I hopped in,
And collapsed on the grumpy seat
Which shrieked every time the monster jerked
As it ploughed down the uneven road of the night...

Tired as I was,
At the end of just another usual day
With usual share of usual nothingness,
The eyelids of mine were heavy
And they were about to be closing down
My vision for the night...

Just then the air brought in a fragrance
Not keeping with the late night bus,
For it reminded me of spring mornings
Of flowers and bees,
Of birth and creation...

I opened my sleepy eyes
And saw the bright sky
Draped in autumnal blue,
Seated just before me,
By the broken window;

The passing streetlights
Cast an intermittent burst of hues on the sky
And I saw how the blue turned green, yellow, red...
I looked at the change of colour...
Goodness me!
All of a sudden,
The one eyed monster, carrying me within its belly,
Started gliding on the road of the night,
Like an automobile of the future,
With no noise, no jerks!

 I lost my sleep,
I was wide awake-
Witnessing the bus ride of my life!


  1. bhalo laglo,positive bhishon,rod jholmole!lekho aro anek-aneker janya,aneker kotha bola baki chilo-se gulo bolo.


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