8th march

I never wanted to see you that way
Dancing as you are, 'babelicious'
Embracing the pole ,
Paints all over your face
To woo the gaping men like me,
Full of bestiality...

On eighth march,
As you go international,
I am pained,
To see you on the billboards in skimpy clothes and lot of paints...
You don't need all these false adornments, dear,
For no one ever heard of goddesses wearing mascara or lipgloss!


  1. ok then its on 8th.but i hav 2 say something negative dear frnd.the theme is ok.but can't u make d language more simple and lucid???

  2. is it not simple? the language i think is more colloquial...

  3. keno janina amar etai tinter bhitor best mone holo-emontai expected.


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