Remember me?

'Remember me?'
He said, in a hushed up voice,
As if he was not sure of himself;

'Of course! I can!'
She said, full of vigour,
And  with an element of being surprised...

'How are you?'
He asked, still timid,
For within him he had that guilt,
Of being a fugitive for long...

She laughed,
But the sound of laughter had all the stings,
To pierce him through, silently;

'I'm sorry!'
He said,
As the guilt rose like a ball of fire,
Burning his flesh, his soul, his mind...

'You're late...'
She said, calmly,
Like a woman of ice,
Cold, lifeless...

'Some ten years late...'
She added,
And laughed out again;

This time around
The laughter was not stinging,
For it sounded like a muted cry of the heart,
Deep as the deepest and darkest well on earth,
With the wails and tears kept well out of reach
For ignorant  men like him;

'Have a good day...'
She said,
Before hanging up;

He stood there,
Nevertheless, with the phone stuck to his ear,
As if he had become deaf, forever ...


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