Barring the soft bluish glow of the screen rectangular,
It would have been dark...
And I would have groped my way on,
As blind man does
In broad daylight;

Barring that glow,
I would have been alone-
I wonder,
Like that lame man on the street,
Sans friends...

Barring that presence in absence,
I would be estranged...
I wonder,
As I press keys real,
To get to the unreal-
I go green,
I go red,
I go grey...

Barring that glow,
I would've never been so colorful,
Green, red, grey...
Barring that,
I would've been only pale-
As pale as the worn down structure
Just two blocks away-
Full of cobwebs and dust,
And an unkempt garden,
And a path untrodden for long;

A distant eerie place,
For the estranged, I guess...


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