If I were a bird,
I would have flown to you
Just at that sunset,pinkish evening,
To sit on your window pane
Through which the last few rays of dying light,
Usually enter your room...

If I had been a bird, somehow,
I would've woken you up,
With songs of our collated memories
Of being united for brief moments-
Those brief moments of eternal joy,
And an union of souls...

If  I could be the wind,somehow
I would go straight to your apartment,
And ram on your glass window
Till you would open it and let me in...
And once ushered in,
I would've blown the coolest air into your brown tresses,
Only to see your flushed reddened face,
Full of coyness and love,
And those strands of brown hair,
Covering your eyes with a playfulness...

O  How I wish
 To be that bird or the wind!


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