waiting for the finale...

Forget all dear!
As the night turns to dawn,
Just hold me tight on your bosom,
To make me part of your misty morn;

I know you are tired,
Age seeping through your veins,
But just let me die young,
On your lovely embrace;

I know you are enraged,
Unable to forget the past,
But hold me tight dear once,
Till the short night lasts;

You might be feeling hateful,
Sleeping with an enemy like me,
Believe me, I never let you down,
Only a storm gripped the golden sea;

Time will have the final say,
Don't fret over things small,
Love remains undaunted,
Surviving the mighty Fall;

Still you can give me a kiss,
Or plant sleep into my eyes,
I wouldn't mind dying on your lap,
As the night rolls the dice;

A new dawn breaks the doom,
As my mind leaves me afloat,
On an empty cot, just you and me,
Like in marsh, a stuck-up country boat...

And somewhere the music will play,
'Last dance with Mary Jane'
And I will just lie happy,
Waiting for the dark to wane;


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