Bring 'em back!

They come out suddenly
Like rabbits of different colours,
Restless, unpredictable, random...
But as soon I set my eyes on them,
They run away...

I also run after them
Yelling all the time:
Don't leave me...see! I'm me!

But they don't listen;
They run to the holes
They run behind the thickest bush,
While I pant horribly
And finally resign to my lonely hut,
Breathless and flushed
And bruised on several places;

Those cuts and bruises
Will heal, I know,
But how can I bring my rabbits back?
How I miss those soft cotton balls
Playing on my lap
As I recline at the end of another useless day!


  1. not good...actually...but don't know how to make it interesting...

  2. ok...............forget it and write some new


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