The Rainwoman

'Have you forgotten all those days?'
She asked...
I looked at the, fluorescent,
Like a glowing wonder gadget in my hand,
Amidst darkness thick as the darkest cloud bearing loads of rain...
'Hello! are you listening?'
She asked
As if she was shaking me up from my slumber,
Her voice was choked;
'Will she cry?'
I thought, alarmed, somewhat,
And put the phone on my ear again...
'Yes...I'm all ears'
Said I, trying to bring myself back to the unreal real;
'I want an answer!'
She implored...
I knew what could her pleadings lead to-
Rain...loads of rain falling from the darkest cloud of the century...
Flooding me, her, the river ghat, the bridge, the tea stalls, the football grounds...
Rain with huge drops of water,
Would make the country deluged,
And make even the uneven,
And uneven, even...


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