Madhavi spends her days well

Mornings Madhavi  spends well
Working at her (half) home
Making tea for her husband
And mother in law, cooking breakfast
And lunch for three,

Afternoons she spends well
Working at the school -
Teaching children how to spell words
And draw alphabets on blackboards,

Evenings she spends well too-
Returning home ,cooking food  for her husband and mother in law ,
No children she has got,

Only after dinner,
When she goes to bed,
She stays awake till her husband pounces upon her
Eats her mouth and exchanges her saliva
With his,
Then she is pounded wild,
Pounded and at last thrown
With a curse,  let out  in a hushed tone-
'saali '

Madhavi spends her days well;

Only she wears a curse
Under her blouse,
Somewhere near her left nipple,
A deep cut mark-
As if a mark has been made upon a barren land, forever.


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