A rather imaginary tale of a king and his state

Once there lived a king who governed a quasi democratic state with his train of courtiers and men. The state being quasi democratic , it had a system in place which gave the citizens of that state the right to select the king and his men.
The king , a great man with great ideas thought of giving people of the state special privileges hitherto unheard of.
For example after attaining kingship he declared  to his people ' There will be soon great days knocking at the door of you , my loyal and trusted friends'.
Everyone was seemingly pleased to hear such words from the king.
Afterall when the king had declared something it was bound to happen.
People clapped . Some shouted applause. Some turned themselves hoarse by praising the king.
After few days indeed everyone heard knocking at the doors, often at wee hours.
King's men came. They gave away sealed boxes.
Upon opening those boxes they found pieces of paper which had king's words written on them.
'Great days knocked at your door today and as you have got boxes and opened them , see how you found great words in them. Cherish these words.'
Those pieces of paper had these written on them.
The people of that quasi democratic state were amused and amazed by this.
They argued, counter argued, debated, discussed about those boxes and those pieces of paper.
Meanwhile , the king passed a decree purportedly to benefit his fellow citizens.
'Anyone who has ten cows and twenty goats will receive ten more cows and twenty more goats from the king but those who have less than ten cows and less than twenty goats will have to give one cow and two goats to the king. If there is anyone who has less than one cow and less than two goats, he/she will have to appear before the king and seek special mercy from the king for violating the decree'.
The quasi democratic state faced a great deal hue and cry over this decree.
Again people argued, debated, discussed and quarreled.
The people who were mostly benefitted by the king's decree were his ministers.
Then there were some merchants.
Two percent of the entire population of that quasi democratic state had more than ten cows and twenty goats. They were the happiest lot.
The rest simply spent their time in finding food for themselves.

The king , being a great traveler, went about traveling to foreign shores. He had a penchant for engaging special artists and painters to paint his portraits. They also accompanied him to those faraway places. They drew pictures of the king at exotic locations doing incredible things, like kissing the mouth of a tiger or lapping up a baby elephant or pulling the leg of a runaway lion.
The state had a hall stately built.
There those pictures were hung for public display.
They were greatly praised specially by those two percent people who having gotten all the benefits of king's decree had enough time to go to that hall and spend their time quite leisurely not being worried about their daily source of sustenance.
The rest ninety eight percent were busy thinking about food and shelter.
Thus the king ruled over the state,by the help of two percent of entire population of his state. The rest simply somehow gathered food and cried over spilt milk.


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