WIll i be Born, In Your Womb of Love

Love, Will i be Born
Again in Your Womb of Morn
Again and again
Till all your pains
You release onto me,
Sweet Heart of my Sea
Of Potent Love,
So full of Blood
From Your
Unborn Hope
Of strings, A Chord

Love, Will I come
To Your Peace Of hurts
And Supranormal Calm
I will, I will every time
You kiss, till your heart
Forget to me miss,

love, have I not made with You
Such, such an e~thereal Promise,

I will , will be
Your Prometheus,
Your seeking
Your refuge,
Your Ruth
Your me,

Love ,
Will I come back
Again and again
Never to make you
Lose , our repeated songs
So Offtrack!

I will , by Will be Thine,
And will bathe
Together WE
In the Un~forgettable
The Divine.


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