you took me to places

You took me to faraway lands
and to the greenish blue waves of the sea,
and to those alleys of unknown town
where pigeons play on roofs till sundown,
and to that corner of a square
people at evening where gather
to sit on benches and on fountain fringe,
talking and singing and having a binge,
and to that alehouse at an obscure port
where ambrosia wets sailors' throat
making them break into songs at night
of voyages to stormy seas and phosphorus light,

you took me to places sure,
to those lands where clouds
descend thick and pure,
a curtain like that of a mist,
moist like someone's sweet sweet lips,
at one moment a valley of flowers you made,
and at another, sketches of trees drenched in shower you laid,

you took me to the lands
where words my dreams keep
you made me to gape in wonder
the horizon's panoramic perspective-
golden blue and crimson light where shine
you took me to fill pages of my mind.


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