on such a cloudy day...

on such a cloudy day
if I canst sing for You
what am I supposed to do?

when the moist breeze
has swept the streets
and from heaven whence
it has drizzled like a love laden sense
on my soul,Your providence,
how can I sit like a stone?
how can I bear this sweetness all alone?

let me sing a song befitting your piety-
the song that could float miles and miles across
till it reaches Your shores,
let me sing that tune harmonious
filled with essence of rain drenched flowers,
let me put at Your doorstep
blooming words that from me escape
spontaneous,unhindered and unchained-
much like a song of shravana and tumultous rains,

on such a cloudy day
let me my poems lay
for You, with reverence.


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