that street,

that street
Where we some lightyears hence
Caught up and did meet
Had gone through
A transformation,

No longer is there
That old baker shop
Where you used to turn up
With your cane basket
loaves you used to buy
And listless I
Had my time of keeping you
In my eyes,

No longer is that old theatre
We once had a chance
To savour the evening air
Standing at its stairs
Climbing up that derelict shape
We had an evening to reflect
Upon the glimmer of the town,
Passing cars and their glowing headlights,
And those distant chimneys
which stood like poles straight
almost holding little stars upon their tapered tips,
And the vast expanse of fields
Having shadows of our runs and plays,
Our games of hide and seek,

You had a fear of heights
You would clutch my shirt,
My arms, you had gripped tight,

No longer they are there,

But the street had remained
Somehow it had managed to stay
Despite bulldozers had plundered away
the days and the nights had been made glitzy,

The street had remained .


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