With thy breeze in my sail,

With thy breeze, freed, onto my sail,
Broken, felled, the string,
Ready am I,
Sinking I wail,as I sing,

The morn has gone futile,
The afternoon trails by a few miles,
Tie me not there
Whence the shore is so near,

For thou the boatman,
Woken, I spend the time of sands,
Waves of the sea,
Whence play with me;

I will befriend the storm,
Will not be by frowns torn,
Leave me there,
In the face of the gale,

For thou the boatman,
For thou, I sail.

(It is a transliteration of a song by Rabindranath Tagore, done by me. My humble tribute to the greatest poet and writer of our land. The original bengali song can be found at pg 404, no. 24, Collected works,  Birth centenary edition, )


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