Sometimes wonder, how are you?

Some times I wonder,
How are you?

Do you still listen to Chris Rea?
Do you still find time to have a walk by the evening-sea?
Do you still tie up your hair in form of a high bun?
Do you still stand up on a table, and strike a pose, just for fun?
Do you still do doodles on the backpage of your desktop calender?
Do you still put your eye into that telescope to catch a shooting star?
Do you still sing holding on to the comb , looking at the mirror?
Do you still scream at cockroaches, out of childish horror?
Do you still draw a moustache and make faces only to imitate a scene of a play?
Do you still find time to make little pots and pans of clay?
Do you still collect different earrings and hair clips?
Do you still in your closet, somewhere, keep that yellow leaf?

I just wonder,
How are you...


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