By thy side, finding Rhadine,

By thy side,
On the white sands,
Once I got the chance
To understand
How by Your sheer clean cool flow
You could someone with happiness bestow,
How You could cover up a soul
And fill the heart's tiny bowl
With your eternal life, forever flowing,
How could you make one to see the Lord's ways of undoing
Everything, and yet giving everything to one,
How could Thou make one to be merged in the profundity and abundance
Of trees, hills, forest, rocks, all gathering mother earth's most blessed sense,
How could You make one to become a saint, a poet, a wanderer,
How could You evoke picturesque Beauty, in heart and mind, fair,
How could You by Your ripples sing the song, of waters of life, an Aoide,
How could You send music to be broken from choked, pent up, a throat,
How could You help one to write a few lines, possessed and illumined,
How could You help one to seek the poem wrapped in kithara, Your lyre
~ a Rhadine.


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