why i seek you when it rains...

On such a rain filled day
Once on your lap of barley fields and hay
I discovered my love, lust and peace...
By the drops of water teased
We started a talk first
Laced with insatiable lust...
Then we got adrift
The motion of the needles swift
On my face...your lips
Took us to newest discoveries...
Of both mental and physical spaces
We glued ourselves to the utmost closeness...

The rainy day graduated in us
From lust we to another chapter passed
Of our co-written book...
And the long leaves of palm which shivered and shook
Dropped spherical dimensions of beads
On us providing different leads
To our story so multispatial
We filled our vials
of minds...to the brim...

Life and Time woven tight
In patterns of stitch work bright
With silk threads of peacock green
We caused birth of huge wide dreams...
We put words in pictures calm
We caught colors of the whole spectrum
Yet to be seen by naked mortal eyes
We our fabric of life with colors dyed...
Colors almost as old as Pre-Raphaelite
And modern as good as Urban Blight...
We reached two opposite ends
The extremities which only passion lends
To mortal bodies and immortal minds...
We  trespassed barriers of all kinds-
Of space...of Time...

So when
A day of rains
Come dripping slow through leaves
I seek your presence
In all my veins...



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