He got down from his car,
Just where the road bisected into two...
He just dropped down from his car,
And asked the driver to leave him there;

The driver was curiously dumbed,
For he never saw the man getting down from his car in a bisection..

One road was fairly peopled, festive, crowded, noisy...
And the other road was almost vacant-
Only an orphaned boy, a widow, a hermit and painter were there...

They were all walking,
 silently, but with happy faces...calm, bright...

He looked thrice to the crowded road, boisterous,
And thought:
'why me not be a bit brave to walk the silent but happy road?'
He took the path-
'Of course less traveled by',
After traveling a few paces,
He realised that the path went up to a cliff...
And as he looked up,
He thought he saw no path!
He could only see the cliff, covered by snow and frost...
Those who preceded him to reach the very spot,
From where the path actually disappeared,
Were seen getting scattered...
They were busy searching for a path up the hill-
Each, in his or her own way...

He thought
He should also try
Now that he had chosen a path
And the path had been so silently invigorating!


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