It was an usual summer night,
Like it should,
Sultry and tiring;

Suddenly, you bumped upon me,
In a narrow dark lane,
With uncovered filth and ancient sadness;

'Who are you?'
You screamed, horrified
Staring at my shadow;

I didn't answer...
I fumbled for the key
I thought I misplaced ...

'My muse...' I uttered,finally,
Breaking the law of the game;
It wasn't easy nonetheless...

Lucky me that did,
All the works of unsaid words,
All the pains of unsung memories;

You recognised me-
Lean and pale,
Huffing and puffing,
A silhouette of strange morbidity;


  1. kanna pachhe aar boddo banglai porte ichhe korche eta,please do something.


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