The Paramour of July

Even before could I anticipate,
She turned up dressed in her best attire
Stupefying me;
'You are a dumb!' she whispered into my ears,
Like she always did in the late evenings of July-
Year after year, every year of my half worn life;

'You are a gate-crasher!'
I shouted at her, uselessly,
Like I did on every occasion;

She just smiled that took me back
To the evenings of the past,
To the roads full of puddles
In which neon signs of giant billboards
Just disappeared;

'You are a magician' -I said,

She looked straight into my black dots
And came closer to embrace me;
I had the shiver of the lifetime,

'Jesus!' I exclaimed,
'I 'm drowning!'
But she came all over me
With her all feminine charms
To keep me mum;

I lingered onto her,
Like idiots do
Bedazzled by the voluptuous,
In late evenings of July-
Year after year,
Every year;


  1. eta khub bhalo laglo,anekta nijer moto kore bujhe nilam.eta ke ki ami translate korar permisiion pete pari?


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