The Run...

I could see the way you soar,
Up in the milky route;
I could see how you flutter,
Away from the mundane and mist;

O It's so lovely to be there!
Tired souls, distracted...
You called on me,
To follow the trajectory
Of your forlorn flight,

Hesitant me, paused and thought,
For a while, as the unknown called;
'Get a move'n'-you said,
Eye to eye;
I thought I should join your generation
Of the unrequited,
I thought I should...
And so, I ran,
Like the arrow from the quiver,
Like the rain driving hard on steely road,
Like the lightning, hot and quick...


  1. balakar pakha ajo jadi ore banyar mohabege,
    bannyar mahabege.tabuo amar stabdha booker krandan jabe lege,

  2. balakar pakha ajo jodi orey sudur digoncholey,
    banyar mahabegey,
    tobuo amar stobdho buker krondon robe jegey--muktir dheu legey--
    banyar mahabegey.


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