Friday, November 3, 2017

' where do you want to go?'

' where do you want to go? So early in the morn as it snows?'
Asked the station warden, looking at the boy,
His eyes so cute and so blue,
' I want to go wherever the train will go'
The boy said without fumbling,
His voice did not falter, his words not stumbling, ' that's so easy, the train will go
This time to Bristol,
Will that will do?
What do you say? Little chap you?'
Asked the warden, restraining his smile,
( Looking serious ) ' But that's away quite a few miles!'
The boy looked surprised, a bit,
Standing confused on his happy feet, ' yes of course that is away far
Moreover there will you find no mother!
No father too and no brother,
No sister too and no car
To take you to the school or to the park
No granny to tell you stories after the dark...' The warden told him, appeared grave
The boy bit his lips trying to be brave, ' why not call your dad and ask him to follow
You till the train will reach that hollow
Tunnel before it enters Bristol,
There your dad and mom can arrange for all
Those things that you really miss
And sweep away those which keep you pissed'

The warden told the little boy
While handling him a toy, ' But they do not really care for me!
At home I am not given even a toffee!'
The boy exclaimed almost teary eyed, ' Oh! That's pretty bad! Now do I see!
Why a boy like you find no glee,
Chocolate should be given free
To all , I declare here,  solemnly '

The warden said and that clinched the deal, finally. ( Picture Courtesy: George W. Hailes - Railway Platform at Bristol, England, 1936. )

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