Road to Pedong,

I remember distinct
The road to Pedong,

It had slopes of green
On one side and little huts
On the other, with glass windows
And flowerpots,

A basketball court,
A slanted ground,
A sculpted figure,

A fenced yard,
Olive four by fours
Motionless, part of the scape,

And then a bazaar
With smell of spices
And incense,
And little trinkets
Hanging loose in the air,
Copper armlets, ethnic wear,

A bend where stood a tree
Nameless with blossoms,
A manifestation of tranquil pleasure,

And soothing solitude
Unscrolled all over the dome of sky,

A visible top
Of a stupa glistening quiet,

I remember distinct
The road to Pedong.


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