Never losing thou,

'Never losing thou'
Was the thought that i took
As a vow,
But it is a grinding time,
My words have taken the plough
And they do nothing to me,
They keep silent shape,
They are stilled,

'Where are they?
Those little children
Who with supreme innocence
Spent the day
Playing under the sky
With no cares of life?
Where are they?
Had they gone away
To another land?
Had they forgotten their jovial selves?'

Asked myself,

And answers i thought i had,
Long before the time arrived,

And then i did not look far,
I looked at the greenery around,
The godly presence of our ancestors,
Their works, their harvest,

And i at once put things at rest,
The unsettling thoughts,
I took plunge
Into  silence,

For there resides
Thy providence.


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