Hope you are not ignorant of those little things...

Hope you are not ignorant
of things that used to stir
you few years back...
those little insignificant things?
like that evening breeze?
and the play of light and shade
on the smooth road of velvet?
and that copper colored flakes
of paint dusted off the board of a dream?
Hope you are not ignorant
of little things...
insignificant ones like the taillight that blinked
twice before slipping into the dark?
and that meadowy place where gnats and glowworms convened
a seminar
on relationships how get trimmed
by passage of time...and mutation of space...
Hope you have not forgotten the taste
of wine...a residual chance...
a night of people engaged in dance?

You might have forgotten every thing about me...
But...how can you be ignorant of memories of me?
And that egg yolk moon?
and the parade of stars?
and that afternoon show ticket
of a play...a farce?
and the flower girl from whom you bought
three different blossoms in traffic jam caught?


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