The taper and the flame

Walking down the winding road
On a beautiful spring morn,
Just when I gathered
The smell of colored blossoms
I thought I met my woman...

My woman
Who brought the taper of light and love
To my mind, soul...
Her face was covered though
By a canopy of cloud,
Hitherto unforeseen in any spring morning;
But her youthful hue
Coupled with the passion of love,
Made me weak on my knees...

I stopped
Drooping perhaps
Always being thirsty of love...

She gave me all,you know
Even before I needed them,
As if she was destined to be mine...

She turned me man
From a wanderer kid,
She turned me old
From another youngish brat...

Spring turned to summer
And the summer to monsoon...
She was still there beside me-
Turning all stones to flowers,
All deserts into meadows...

And I fell
For her only...

But then,
On one autumn evening,
Under the red sky
I met a flame;

Methought my eyes got burnt,
My flesh goose-bumped,
For never a man witnessed
Such an opulence...

Methought I met a fire
That singed me with lust...
We plunged into the caverns of a play,
That took all fantastical stories to their supreme best...

We played, all through the nights,
Nights after nights...

Autumn gave way to winter,
Letting the flame die...
By the spring the following year,
The fire died,
And there were only ashes of sinful nights...
Ashes, all I had,
And the flame gone...

Only then I realised,
I lost my taper too!


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