single in the city...

Just when the sun hid behind the shopping mall,
He came to the balcony of his tenth floor singular existence in the city...

He looked down to see tiny toy cars moving fast
As if they were thrown down the road of the toy-land by some angry brat;
He kept on looking down the tiny trees, the tiny traffic guard standing like a small robot
Performing some kind of motorised arm movements;

He looked around...
And an eagle swooping down at great speed caught him,
It was coming down quick,
As if a fighter jet losing height...
But soon it gained a level
And after keeping with the level for some time,
It took a upward flight-
'Great job man!'
He cried aloud
As if he was cheering a fighter-pilot
Performing the riskiest manoeuvre;

Hours went by,
And he kept standing on the balcony,
 And images kept coming and receding...
Images varied-
Of female garments hanging loose,
Of sizzling bottles of potion arranged neat,
Of smoke coming out of someone's mouth,
Of psychedelic lights jumbling up shadows,

Evening turned to night...
He still stood still,
The toy cars of the road below became less frequent,
The robotic traffic guard sat down at its kiosk,
 And the moon peeped from behind the cell phone tower...

Images came rushing to him again...
No female garments
But a caressing hand,
No bottle of wine
But a candid smile,
No smoke with brown tinge
But that of an incense stick...
And the light glowed within
And he noticed...
Someone in a white robe and long black hair,
Coming to him, walking unbelievably on the thin air...
Just like a fairy with a wand!


  1. shesh ta chobir moto--aparthibo!bhalo laglo.etai hoyto death-d woman in white robe.


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