ek purana mausam lauta...

'Ek purana mausam lauta,
Yaadein bhairen purbai thi...'

He hummed while busy packing his backpack
For his mind was far away from his home adopted;
He remembered how the rains kissed him from top to toe
And the naughty wind sent mild shivers down his drenched hair...

He knew that the road, dressed in its best attire-the darkest blue
Was waiting for him, all those years;
He knew he had to leave his home, adopted and shared,
For his mind had asked him to leave the memories bitter and sweet;

'How very cruel!'
She would say,
Seeing him packing up his bag,
And humming Gulzar all the way;
He knew all that-the nuances of cruelty and indifference...
He knew he was not doing anything unjust or wrong,
He was just slipping away, into oblivion...

'But its humiliating for me, isn't it?'
She would say, desperation pronounced all over her body and voice, trembling...
He would not answer,
He would just stare blankly for a while...

'I'm not evicting you...I'm just opting out'
He would say,
And Gulzar would nod, with assertion...


  1. homelessness er emotion ta koi?emotion er jaygay bhishon logic.he ta adbhut jemon ta expected!she ta abohelito-jemon ta expected.kintu sob miliye kobita te ja pawar kotha chilo ta pawa gelo ki?kemon jeno aakta palai palai bhab!kothay ebong kaaje.amar mone holo kobita ta taar background ta theke pichle gelo.anyway-abar bhabo ,eta chara aar kichu bolar chilo kina.


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