park street, 24th december,

It was the Christmas eve,
And Park street was  madly crowded...

There were black heads all around,
Screaming with joy, gaily dressed;
Even the policemen looked happy...

The cars whizzed past merrily, 
Blaring car stereos...

The bar doors were flung open every minute to let in and out
Stream of men, women...

The cake shop was choc-a-bloc
With the counters brimming over with demands of chocolates and pastries and truffle...

Just then I noticed,
A woman  in black trousers and grey pullover,
Standing at one corner, a few paces away from the crowd,
Her back was rested on the wall, as she stood,
Her face was bowed a bit,
Smoking nonchalantly,
As if there was nothing to cheer...
As if Christmas would never come!


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