in slow motion

I saw the drops of rain,
Falling incessantly from the sky as mere tiny wet balls,
And the moment they fall on my face, they burst
Spreading coldness and moisture,
I feel so happy, inside...

I saw the balloons being released one by one,
And they move up and up
Till they become colored dots,
And the curious eyes of my little kid
Follow the dots while I follow his eyes,
And I feel so blessed, inside...

I saw her coming towards me,
Her dupatta aflutter,
And her hair tossing like black foam,
And the smile pasted on her lips, suppressed,
As the world moves by, ignorant;
I feel a sense of belonging, inside...

I saw three friends jumping in the air,
Making them look like the poster-boys of a soft drink ad,
I saw how their legs turn upwards and their heads spin,
I feel so victorious, inside...

There are some rare moments
When I see the world in slow motion,
And I feel so good that I scribble,
Lazily on papers, and almost
On anything I put my itching fingers...


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