Friday, June 1, 2018

A letter from Solan

How many times have I thought to write

A letter to you,

A really long one filled with all the flavours and smell

That came one after another to me

As I went touring from one place to another,


it seemed speeding  like trains

Hurrying , having its own rhythm;

I peered out of the windows of flowing time,

like a wonder struck one,

Trees went past,

So also hills and valleys,

And rivers too,

I found them all singing for me

And for you too;

At that little station of Solan

When we stopped for awhile,

Got down with what desire know not I,

But those sights,

They wrapped me with curious blessed feel,

At one point thought

I should leave all my bags and baggage there on the loco

And just stay back,

Right there,

But you,

Your face came like call of home.

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