Sunday, February 18, 2018

One day of spring

If it is that splendid one
Of a day of spring
I would take the light of dawn
And take within
All that smell and fragrance
Of flowers drenched hap
I would get the perennial sense
Of earth's beauteous lap
And be truely jocund
By the sights and sounds
I would build my own land
Out of usual bounds,
There would I train my eyes
My ears and my heart
There would I with mirth lie
On the blessed earth,
And think and sing more
Of spring as she arrives
I would more poems pour
Taking a plunge, a dive,
And you might think what is it
That creates such a pleasure dome
I would just ask you to sit
And gather dreams there some
Which could make all merry
And fill all with love true
I would ask you not to hurry
But just to get that hue
Of the season's awesome presence
Its overwhelming cue
I would just lend that sense
Which beats that blue in you
And makes you admire
How life with spring gets gay
I would light that fire
Of love of a blissful  day.

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