Monday, September 4, 2017



By the side of Gomti
There you are Lakhamanavati
With your Ganga- Jamuni
Tehzeeb and delicious kebabs too-
Kakori, galawati, shami, boti- endless variety!

But once I get into your poetry
Marsiya is what carries me away
And I by words of pathos get swayed,
Songs of Mir Babar Ali Anis or Mirza Dabeer,
Cause in my soul an unforgettable stir,
And I sing and weep profusely,
Lucknow , your mighty heart then I see,
How you have borne all pains and sufferings,
Betrayal, backstabbing , coups, carnage,
How have you been time and again
To the ground razed,
And how you rose again from dust,
Lucknow you the queen of glorious past,

By Gomti there you are quite
Having scars of battles and fights,
Still holding your head high and above
All mundane things, by your power of love.

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