At the hut by the River

At the hut by the River,

At the hut by the River
Spent hours of lustful days
Till the dusk came sweeping cool
Amidst the songs of gnats,
Twas such a plentiful life
To get soaked into the pervading Bliss
Of nature's profound stillness
And it's soft soothing kiss;

At the hut by the River
Spent childhood and also youth
Watching oft how seasons came
Like moments of Love, Beauty and Truth,

Found there all that had been said
Years before my birth,
Found there what it meant to be
To get aligned with the Eternal Mirth,

That Mirth which people sought
The Myth which got ancient leaning,
That Joy which the Lord had planted
Into forms with inherent meanings,

Beauty is what the truth is
And so is what the Eternal one,
At that hut by the River's side
Got floated in waters like a  white swan,

And poems came like ripples soft
Right onto my breast,
And words came like murmuring of
A cool flowing silvery cascade.


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