It was a big big fair
People jostled, shouted,
And balloons red red like balls of fire
Hung lucid in the evening air,

Somewhere near a counter
They sold tickets to the fairyland,
I took one, and entered,
And standing on the stage, centre,

I saw the fairies singing songs,
They all had painted faces,
They were dancing to an alien tune,
And light was flowing from their neon dresses,

The fair was huge and magical
And there saw I how wheels went
Up and then down how they bent,
And pennies saw I how from machines did fall,

'It is carnival! Boy!
Come lets dance with joy!'
I heard my friend from behind
And soon it turned a carnival,
And soon it became a carnival.

(This scribble was posted as napowrimo, to the' Rejected Stuff', thanks to Ampat Koshy)


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