The flight of the day

'Ready for the flight?'
The male flamingo asked his fairer counterpart one day;

'Why? aren't we flying down the ages?'
The female said, sitting tired and somewhat amused by her partner's whims;
'Yes we are, of course! But...'
' is the day of a different flight, dear!'
The male bird uttered in a sing-song manner, as if he had a stream of happiness flowing within;

'How come this day is different?'
The female asked, curious,
'For today...the sky is so blue...and the sea is so green!'
The male flamingo said, and unfurled his strong wings
And took a long heave...
The female bird looked at him with surprise and fun...
She felt fun everywhere
She felt fun in her partners wings,
Fun in the trees, the sky, and even in the breeze...
She laughed and joined her partner;

They flew far
They flew wide
As sweet dreams fly
Making the harshest the coolest!
They just flew
Enjoying every bit of the flight...

They flew over the lakes and the valleys...
Over hills and plains,
Over big cities and small towns,
Over seas and ocean...
They just flew
Being happy for being in flight,
Being proud of cutting across the resistance of air,

Thus the day also flew by,
But it made them realise fun,
The flight , they realized, made their day...
A day to remember...forever;


  1. awesome.....................not d reality of refugee but d reality of every girl in this patriarch.............

  2. r u handing out a compliment by serving it on the backhand?...hope not so...good to hear from you...

  3. OOOPS! forgot to add another thing, methinks, you're actually constructing this opinion of yours about the poem after reading both the poems 'The flight...' and 'the enchantress', cause you've used the word 'refugee', refering to methinks, its good to cross refer, but it can cause digressions...don't u think the same?


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