where have you searched her? In vermillion, turmeric smell,
At the Lord's shrine, in the vegetable heap, in the flower pot hung
At the verandah long,in wardrobe under the folded jamdani saree neat and perfumed,
Look for her in the twilight drenched roof top,
Through the string taut of the kite in flight.

where have you left her abandoned in the silent deserted morn,
with water dripping from the wet saree just being kissed by the sun just born,
Having the terminal knot full of the known smell! What do you search in the briefcase unknown?

Do you get the hunch in the colourful pages of cellular existence?
Have someone gifted you the kasturi carefully kept in a silvercase?
Think, recall...those wails and words of bygone school days...
whom have you dressed in whose strange attire,playing those games childish...
Games of kings and queens and princesses and princes.


  1. khub bhalo laglo.chele belar golpo shonar din guli ekhon koto dure,aar ashe na rajar kumar pakkhi raje chore!i can touch the emotion behind the poem.


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