Blood and wine

I woke up the way I do
The sun was red in the eastern front
And I remembered Red is the colour of blood and wine...
And Red reminds me of the roses
Dying every day
In your garden, in mine;
In the florist's shop round the corner...
Opening eyes, I found
Redness of wrath strewn all over,
In shapes weird and woobly,
In forms liquid and sticky
Like rivulets of wine ...

'Apocalypse is here'
Someone cried;
'doomsday befell us'
Shouted another;
I only saw roses on the graves!


  1. bhalo laglo,tabe bhisha neti,tabe setai rosea on the graves- phrase tay bodle gelo bole mone holo.apocalypse can not touch the rose.ami positive tukui nite bhalobashi,noile bacha mushkil.


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