Glory or ...?

It was a day
With rain and thunder filled,
And a man
Was crossing a bridge
-worn out;

The frogs croaked
Seeing the sky dark,
And the man
Was hurrying home

The road was long
Kissing the horizon far,
And the man
Was running behind time

Sea god saw him,
Rain god thought-
How a battle like this so hopelessly fought?

Nature and Time,
The two pronged sword,
Could with the vengeance strike?
Or upturn the board?

The man had little knowledge
Of what awaited him...
Will it be glory?
Will it be doom?

Ran he fast
As fast he could,
Too eager to see
His lady's shroud;

At last he reached
The door he knew,
Knocked and thumped
But no answers flew;

Water dripped on
The floor with moss,
His lady slept
-no shiver or toss!


  1. splendid work again...nature and time are world's oldest,invincible dictators...indeed!


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