As the albatross still hangs in the air
And you are still very much there
How I think you still drum and match
Opening the door for me to catch
That ageless song  that you and your friends
Had sung for us to cherish till the day's end,
There ' echoes' of your song oft I hear
As the albatross still hangs in the air
And in your words I try to find
What has been there in your mind
You wrote of no one showing you lands
No one telling you what moved your band
And still something stirred and tried
You climbed , by your songs, to light
And time there slowly ticked your limbs
How you drummed and put in guitar strings
Wishes of a million and more there waiting
You gave us for years songs to sing.
( * note: On Nick Mason. One of the founder members of Pink Floyd. He despite being a drummer, had co- written songs like ' Echoes'which are among the most  popular songs of the band. This poem is written on his birthday)


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